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We are a multi-discipline target shooting club based near Carlisle. Our members take part in many types of recreational target shooting, from air gun to shotguns for clay target. We can get you involved shooting the discipline you want and at a reasonable cost.


The club has a 25m. indoor range for .22 rimfire and pistol calibre gallery rifle and a seperate air gun range. Our outdoor range is used for airguns, .22rf/pc gallery rifle, black powder muzzle loaders, clay target and practical shotgun shooting. We also shoot full bore rifle 308/223/303 etc on local ranges.


We offer membership to all, including families and young people regardless of experience as we will provide full training in safety and responsible firearms ownership and use.


We are open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and at other times by arrangement.


There is an active airgun section which offers an economical introduction for youngsters and adults who wish to take up shooting.

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